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At Snake Seal Door Gasketing, our team consists of Door Experts. Door Experts? What’s that, you may ask? Door Experts are the ones who strive continuously to provide innovative door-opening solutions that are sustainable, environment-friendly, durable, and intelligent. We at Snake Seal Door Gasketing address doorway issues and cater to them with innovative gasketing solutions that are simple yet effective.

What we offer

Products That Makes Your Life as Easy as Falling Off a Log

Snake Seal gasketing was designed, for the safety and well-being of our customers. Since the inception of doors and their very first uses, humans have found several ways to seal them. Somewhere along the way, we stopped enhancing the traditional gasketing techniques, thus limiting the performance needed to accommodate new opening designs. Snake Seal Door Gasketing has developed a product that does everything people love about standard door gasketing and has designed it to fit perfectly into existing interior door frames. The revolutionary design and profile of the gasket allow the gasket to cushion the door to the frame when shutting, preventing door slamming.







A Safe & Secure Solution

Your Health and Betterment Is What We Care About the Most

There is no denying the fact that noise from the outside can cause various mental as well as physical health issues. This is exactly what we don’t want for you. Therefore, offer a number of innovative gasketing solutions that will not only resist the noise from the outside but will also ensure you can sleep or rest in the best manner possible.

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our testimonials

Happy Customers

“I saw these gaskets at my friend's home and was convinced to order some. With all the advantages, it makes me feel much safer knowing I have these gaskets installed on my doors! Snake Seal is such a great concept and so worth the money to help protect my kids from harmful smoke and carbon monoxide fumes from entering their rooms!”

Courtney Davis


“Ordered these for my house doors to help with the slamming caused by my kiddos. Easy for me to install and work great for all 3 of my doors. Just ordered more so I have it on all my doors. Great product.”

Michael Stadler


“This product is Fantastic! Perfect for bedroom doors, keeps the unwanted sound and light from the other room.”

Justin Sands


Super easy to install and use, and I wish I found out about these seals earlier. I love showing my doors off to my friends and family. you would think I work for Snake Seal...Ha-ha. Well worth the investment!”

Melissa McMillan


We were searching for a product to seal or bedroom door to help limit the amount of noise coming from our Livingroom. This products installation was simple and work much better than my husband thought it would.”

Cynthia Marietta


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