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At Snake Seal Door Gasketing, our team is made up of Door Experts. We have been working with doors for an extensive professional period, and this hardcore work experience has made us into Door Experts. We are familiar with all kinds of doors, door jambs and techniques to overcome many concerns.

Snake Seal gasketing was designed with the safety and wellbeing of our customers. Since the inception of doors and their very first uses, humans have found several ways to seal them. Somewhere along the way we stopped enhancing the traditional gasketing technique’s, thus limiting the performance needed to accommodate new opening designs. Snake Seal Gasketing has developed a product that does everything people love about standard door gasketing, and have designed it to fit perfectly into existing interior door frames. The revolutionary design and profile of the gasket allows the gasket to cushion the door to the frame when shutting, preventing door slamming.

We at Snake Seal provide superior gasketing that is thick, thus allowing for a fully sealed gap between doors and frames, and significantly cutting down on infiltration of sound, light, drafts, moisture, and smoke. There are various colors available from our line of gasketing, thus allowing for a more cosmetically appealing installation.