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Using A Snake Seal

Once the Snake Seal Gasket is properly installed, there is nothing left to do. The gasket will do its job day in and day out, it’s that simple!

Installation typically takes less than 5 minutes per door

Tape Measure and scissors.

We engineered the gasket to make the doors seal tightly to the frame. The product has been thoroughly tested and proven by thousands of customers that use it in their homes.

The gasket is designed to adhere onto clean & smooth surfaces, such as wood, metal, glass and many surface energy plastics and paints.

Included with a purchase of a Snake Seal Gasket set, is 17ft (204’’) of stick-on gasket and alcohol towel to clean and prep the surface before applying the gasketing.

In the case that gasketing starts separating from its applied surface, place gasket back to its desired place and apply pressure to re-adhere the gasket to the surface. In the case that this this issue occurs more than 3 times, we recommend using our 3M surface primer. This is used to improve the overall adhesion of the gasket to the applied material.

Dust, Dirt and Oils on the applied surface will keep the gasket from making a proper adhesion.
-Stretched gaskets, if the gasket is stretched when being applied to the surface, this will case the gasket to shrink back to its manufactured state causing the adhesion to fail.
– Temperatures, if applying to gasketing outside the application temperatures of below 50 degrees or above 100 degrees will impair the adhesion.

Gasketing begins compressing at 3/16’’ and compresses to seal up to a 1/16’’ gap.

Gasketing requires a minimum of a 1/16’’ gap between the door and frame.

Snake Seal Door Gasket comes in (3) colors, Clear, White, and Brown.

A typical door is requiring 15.8’ to 16.4’ (feet) of gasket in the case that you need more gasket you would need to order an additional roll of gasket. This is typically common on larger doors and/or double doors.

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Ordering a Snake Seal

Yes, we offer quantity discounts, for a quote, email sales@snakesealdoorgaskets.com or call 1-844-363-3334

Yes. If you are not fully satisfied with your Snake Seal Product purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Yes, Snake Seal products comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects Shipping a Snake Seal

Shipping a Snake Seal

Yes, we ship internationally. Product typically ships with in 10 business days internationally. Shipping time may vary by availability, location, customs, and shipping method by boat (14 days) or by air freight (3 days).

Shipping Box:
– 100 units per box
– Box size: 24in x 18in x 18in
– Box Weight: 26lbs
Pallet Size:
– Contains 24 boxes
– Pallet Size: 32in x 42in
– Pallet Weight: 1,800 lbs.

Shipping Carton:
– 100 units per box
– Box size: 60.96cm x 45.72cm x 45.72cm (24in x 18in x 18in)
– Box Weight: 11.79kg (26lbs)

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

• Width: 3/8’’ (9.5mm)
• Height: 3/16’’ (4.8mm)
• Length: 17ft (518.16cm)
• Weight per bag: .256lb (4.1 ounces)
• Material: Adhesive-Backed bulb silicone gasketing
• Finish: Clear, White, Brown
• Applications: SG3317 can be used on door applications that require smoke protection. It is an excellent solution for controlling air infiltration or where sound attenuation is required. Can also be installed on any exterior door application requiring protection from weather conditions to minimize heat loss and drafts.
• Installation: SG3317 has an adhesive backing and should be installed on clean, dry, and cured surfaces. SG3317 can be installed on either the door stops or the frame rabbet. It is important to verify the tolerances between the door and frame. When installed, it must not impede the proper operations of the door assembly.

Snake Seal products were designed in the USA and registered with the USPTO. Products are manufactured by various Snake Seal Partners Overseas and distributed in the USA.